Honda CB125F Blue Price In Pakistan

Honda CB125F Blue Price In Pakistan – Mileage, Images, Colors Are you searching for the price of the Honda CB125F Blue Bike in Pakistan? If so, you’re in luck! I’ve listed the prices for this bike in different Places. Simply find your city in the list below. Don’t forget to bookmark this site for future bike prices and specifications. Thank you!

Honda CB125F Blue Price In Pakistan

Honda CB125F Blue Price In Pakistan

Latest Price in Pakistan for the new Honda Honda CB125F Blue 2024 is Almost PKR 390,900/=
Plus Keep in mind that prices may change over time, and it’s advisable to verify the details directly from the near Bike Showroom the Honda CB125F Blue price in Pakistan.

Honda CB125F Blue Bike Images

Honda CB125F Blue Bike Mileage

For the most accurate and current information, I recommend checking the official Honda website, contacting a Honda dealership, or referring to the owner’s manual of the CB125F Blue Bike. These sources should provide you with the latest specifications and details regarding the motorcycle’s mileage.

Honda CB125F Blue Bike Colors

(Honda CB125F Blue)

Honda CB125F Blue Bike Full Specification

the Honda CB125F Blue Bike, as the availability of such models may vary by region and change over time. However, I can provide you with the general specifications for the Honda CB125F model. Please note that these details might not be specific to the “Blue Bike” variant you mentioned:

Honda CB125F General Specifications:

  1. Engine:
    • Type: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
    • Displacement: 124.7 cc
    • Bore x Stroke: N/A
    • Compression Ratio: N/A
    • Fuel System: Carburetor (most likely PGM-FI)
  2. Transmission:
    • Type: Manual
    • Number of Gears: 5
  3. Chassis:
    • Frame Type: Diamond
    • Front Suspension: Telescopic fork
    • Rear Suspension: Twin shocks
  4. Brakes:
    • Front Brake: Disc
    • Rear Brake: Drum (some variants may have disc)
  5. Wheels and Tires:
    • Front Tire: Tubeless
    • Rear Tire: Tubeless
  6. Dimensions:
    • Length: N/A
    • Width: N/A
    • Height: N/A
    • Wheelbase: N/A
    • Ground Clearance: N/A
    • Seat Height: N/A
    • Wet Weight: N/A
  7. Fuel Tank Capacity:
    • Capacity: N/A
  8. Performance:
    • Maximum Power: N/A
    • Maximum Torque: N/A
    • Top Speed: N/A
  9. Other Features:
    • LED Lights (depending on the model)
    • Electric Start

Please note that specifications might vary slightly based on the model year and the specific variant of the Honda CB125F Blue. If you’re looking for information on a particular edition or model year, it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s official website or the specific documentation provided with the motorcycle.

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